P A N A M A!

Indie, pop, rock, funk, synth, disco and bongos! With this wonderful combination you get something that is joyous and possess’s great catchy melodies. In my opinion, Panama have fabricated tunes that is instinctively easy to dance too. Their current EP “Its Not Over” has great creativity and oozes positive energy, I can’t help but feel happy and inspired after listening to tracks such as ‘Magic’, ‘Stop The Fire’ and ‘We Have Love’.

Their live performance was also great value with lead vocalist Jarrah McCleary lighting up the stage. If you have already found yourself jumping around in your room to the sound of Panama, wait until you see these guys on stage, you won’t be able to contain yourself!

Panama are currently on tour, opening for Clubfeet, follow the link below to find out more info.

Check out their Facebook page… P a n a m a

View, Listen & Enjoy!

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