Telepathic Teddy Bear – The Course of Empire

‘The Course of Empire’ EP was based off five paintings created by Thomas Cole; one track for each painting. I love this guy already! The development of this EP is so artisan it’s hard not to like. TTB combines both an artistic element with traditional instruments and synth/electro to compose something absolutely majestic.

One huge feature I always seek is an EP/Full Albums’ ability to keep my attention from the first track until the last. ‘The Course of Empire’ completely captures this element. TTB has the ability to enchant the listener with smooth and deep tribal sounds and easy going vocals. My particular favourites were ‘The milk of the Earth’ and ‘The bleeding of mercy’ which both embody sounds and vocal elegance that could easily be heard on radio.

Here is a link to Thomas Cole’s artwork

Here is Telepathic Teddy Bears Facebook page

And for your enjoyment, have a listen to his full length EP here…


Written by LG

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